Potentials and Problems of Tourism Village (Case Study: JuritBaru Tourism Village in East Lombok Regency)


  • M. Setyo Nugroho UIN Mataram
  • Lalu Asriadi UIN Mataram
  • Lia Rosida Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Mataram
  • Yunia Ulfa Variana UIN Mataram


tourism village, potentials, rural tourism


Jurit baru tourism village in east lombok owns a variety of interesting tourism potentials.indeed, it has uniqueness and special characteristics of nature and culture. Nevertheless, jurit baru tourism village has not been popular yet when compared to other tourism villages.consequently, the benefits of tourism development have not been fully harvested by the local community. In addition, there are several obstacles acting as barriers to the development of jurit baru tourism village. Therefore, the investigation into the tourism potentials of the village needs to be taken into account which could be used as a reference in the development ofjurit baru tourism village to the future. This research aims atexploring the potentials ofjurit baru tourism village and identification of existing problems. the data were collected through observation techniques, documentation studies and interviews (purposive sampling). The technique of data analysis uses qualitative descriptive. the result shows that jurit baru village owns very rich natural potentials. In fact, the village has tourism potentials in both topography and aesthetic aspects of its local people’s daily life.in trems of local products, jurit baru tourism village has abundant plantation cropcommoditiessuch as avocado, chocolate, coffee, vanilla. In addition to this, the vilalgealso has cultural attractions such as gaweh gawah, zikir zaman, nyongkolan, mandiq kemanten, and the tradition of ngentongin preserved until now. Despite of these, there are still some problems encountered in the process of development ofjurit baru tourism village such as low human resources, inadequate destination management, conflicts of interest and power hegemony.